Doing Research in Cambodia during a Post-Covid 19

Before I jump into the topic, I would like to link it with one of the most recent polls conducted by our Proprietary Online Panel MRTS SURVEY about the number of hours that people spend on their mobile phone after school or work, surprisingly we found that over 39% spend more than 2 hours. Amongst those, we saw 62% spend more than 3 hours. (Poll result)

In another poll, we asked about the frequency of using mobile banking to pay for the purchase. The result shows that over 70% of those who participated in the Poll ever used the mobile bank for their payment. Covid-19 pandemic is one of the key factors that contributed to the increase. (Poll result)

Another result of our week polls about the preference of working whether people wanted to work from home or office or hybrid. We had over 50% voted for working from home. Again, Covid-19 pandemic created this change for the behavior. (Poll result)

According to our Consumer Trend study conducted in June 2022, we found a clear increase in online shopping, especially for groceries but also personal care items. More importantly, the research noted that for grocery and personal items, consumers are in no hurry to return to in-store shopping.

It is not quite a surprise that the behavior of the people now moving to online a lot for most of their activities from entertainment to shopping to learning and to working etc everywhere around the world.

How about doing Market Research in Cambodia?

First thing from the top of my mind is the increase of Online Research. People are now spending more time on the mobile phone with the internet so with this method the researchers can possibly reach the population that is hard if we do via traditional methods such as face to face interviews.

Online research methodologies that could response to the current market change including:

  1. Online Survey– This way can help you quickly check in on a topic. It can be quickly re-run from time to time as well, this can help you track peoples’ sentiments over certain periods. With advanced technology, the online research platforms such as MRTS SURVEY provides an automated report in real-time which the client can get all access to. If you need data fast in order to make a fast business decision then Online Survey is our recommended method.
  2. Online Focus Groups and Interviews via Zoom or Teams– while face-to-face is still the preferred method, the online interviews are also possible to have meaningful conversations with the people. It can help you gain valuable customer insights, understand their authentic viewpoints, and hear their stories. Remember that people still want to keep their distance if possible even though most of them are vaccinated.

The benefits of online research are reducing cost, time and location constraints.

I believe it is the time that companies need the research data in order to stay relevant in the current market situation. Market research provides an insight into customers’ thinking, buying patterns, and location. In addition, it can also assist the companies to monitor market trends and keep their eye on what the competition is doing.

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