Historically, businesses have used paper comment cards for customers to complete and put into the Suggestion Boxes. Management uses feedback generated from customers to better understand where they are doing well and where improvements are needed.

Negative feedback needs to be addressed immediately; otherwise they could lose customers to competitors.

From our observations, customers don’t always want to give their feedback with paper comment cards, because when they take card to complete, the staff around them may observe them and make them feel uncomfortable. Also, there is a chance that the staff responsible for collecting the comment cards might remove cards that have unfavorable comments.

Also, since paper comment card will take time to enter the data into the system, there will be a delay before results can be reviewed and management can see what is happening.


Thanks to the development of internet and technology now every business can collect feedback from their customers more easily and effectively.

Our Feedback Collection system is designed for customers to access through their Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop and Computer devices. They now can give their feedback anytime and anywhere at their convenience.

The feedback from customers through this system can be delivered directly to management team through email immediately after it is submitted. In addition, the management team can access to the real-time feedback report anytime through their mobile phones.


  1. Help the business to prevent public bad word of mouth through social media such as Facebook etc.
  2. The feedback from customers goes directly to management team so quick actions can be taken for sensitive matters.
  3. Feedback Collection system is designed to collect customer feedback in real-time and that data on the client’s server. The data is easy for management to access and download anytime. In addition, we provide analysis with charts that can be very useful for management to understand the issues and trend easily.
  4. Save a lot of time and money versus traditional paper comment cards because it is not required data entry, analyzing and charting.
  5. More and more customers tend to prefer providing comments through online than by paper because it is more convenient.
  6. Increase customer loyalty because you show your customers that you care about them and are serious in listening to them. Loyal customers will spend more on your business.
  7. Our Feedback Collection system can help you monitor the performance of your staff to make sure they are carrying out their responsibilities strictly as the procedure because they don’t see whether the customers will give comments or not.

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