Find out what your customers like (or don’t like) about their experience with your business.

It’s quick, easy and PRIVATE, just between you and your customers. They click on the provided link and spend five minutes. Their comments (good and not so good) come to just you and are not public on all the social media options (Facebook, Yelp, etc.) they might otherwise use.

The Customer Feedback Collection works in real time, giving you your customers’ opinions via whatever internet-enabled device they want to use…. smart phone, tablet, laptop. It’s quick and easy.

The feedback is sent directly to you via email and held on your server only. It is easy to access and download any time. In addition, helpful formats are provided that enable you to analyze and chart trends and highlight opportunity or problem items/areas.


  • It’s private, direct. Any negative feedback is not blasted on social media review sites for everyone to see.
  • Enables tracking and analysis of customer feedback detail and trends.
  • Provides objective basis for staff training or reward.
  • Generates an email database for future customer follow up and promotion, if opted in.
  • It’s quick and easy for customers; five minutes on their smart phone is enough.
  • Eliminates hard copy comment cards or suggestion box inputs which most modern, digital savvy consumers would avoid anyway.

Feedback Collection is now are bringing the application of real time digital technology to the long-standing marketing area of customer satisfaction and feedback.

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