The Importance of Market Research for Importers

In the dynamic market of Cambodia, where a significant volume of goods is imported from countries like Thailand and China, importers are facing the challenge of sourcing distinctive products that cater to specific consumer needs. To differentiate themselves in the market, importers are considering the introduction of new brands that promise enhanced benefits compared to existing options, aiming to capture market share and entice consumers.

The landscape has evolved with an increase in brand variety within product categories such as soft drinks and energy drinks, compared to five years ago. This proliferation of choices necessitates a more deliberate approach from importers to ensure profitability. Consumers, empowered by the abundance of options, now wield greater influence in the market. Consequently, it is advisable for importers to undertake comprehensive market research prior to introducing new brands into this competitive environment.

Market research entails the systematic gathering and analysis of data to meet specific commercial or marketing goals. Insights from market research experts can equip importers with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions.

Diverse market research methodologies cater to particular objectives, but importers should focus on understanding the usage and attitudes (U&A) of their prospective customers. A U&A study typically addresses critical inquiries such as:

• Demographics: Who are the consumers? (Age, Gender, Income, Occupation, Education, etc.)

• Consumer Behavior: Where, when, and why do consumers purchase and consume the product/brand?

• Influences: What factors influence consumers’ selection of the product/brand?

• Consumption Patterns: How is the product/brand chosen and used?

• Spending Habits: What is the consumer’s expenditure on the product/brand on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

• Brand Loyalty: Are consumers satisfied with their current brand, and how open are they to trying something new?

By leveraging this data, importers can gain a deeper understanding of the market and the consumer segments they aim to target. Moreover, the insights derived from market research can significantly enhance the effectiveness of marketing strategies for potential brand opportunities.

In conclusion, market research can provide a clearer picture of the market and consumer preferences, aiding importers in making informed decisions. However, for the assurance of quality and professionalism in conducting market research, it is recommended to engage the services of a specialized market research firm. These agencies are readily accessible through online directories such as Yellow Pages and Google Search.

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