How many hours on average do you spend with smartphone after school or work on weekdays [Monday–Friday]?

In this week’s Poll result, we found that 39% of people participated spend at least 2 hours with their smartphone after school or work. Amongst those, we saw 62% spend more than 3 hours which is a surprise because it indicates that the smartphone consumes more than 50% of their free time already. The smartphone is part of their life!
The table below presents a detailed result:
Frequency N %
less than 1 hour 264 35
between 1 and 2 hours 192 26
between 2 and 3 hours 109 15
more than 3 hours 180 24
Total 745 100

Poll conducted in July 2022 by MRTS SURVEY

Sample Size: n=745

Market: Cambodia

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