MRTS Consulting has over 18 years of experience with mystery shopping projects in Cambodia across various industries, such as banking and finance, insurance, food and beverage, and retail.

We use cutting-edge technology to ensure accuracy and reliability of data collection, and our highly experienced and trained shoppers help you find deep insights to enable you to improve your business operations and profits.

We offer a variety of services and solutions, such as:

  • Customer experience audit

    We help you measure and improve the customer experience at every touchpoint of the customer journey. We use our hand-picked mystery shoppers who match the profile of your target audience to visit your site and evaluate each aspect, such as the ambience, quality of interaction with the staff, facilities and infrastructure, the billing process, and other aspects of customer service.

  • Employee performance and compliance audit

    We help you assess and enhance the performance and compliance of your employees, who are your brand ambassadors and front liners. We use our mystery shoppers to interact with your employees and evaluate various aspects, such as grooming and personal hygiene, communication and selling skills, product knowledge and demonstration skills, troubleshooting, negotiating and closing skills. We then provide you with feedback and recommendations to identify training needs, evaluate training impact, or assess if the right people are deployed.

  • Price and promotion audit

    We help you monitor and maintain the pricing and promotion discipline among all channels that sell your product or service. We use our mystery shoppers to try to buy your product or service at the best possible negotiated price. We then report to you if the prices and promotions are very different from your product guidelines, so that you can incentivize or disincentivize the partner accordingly. We also help you measure your competitors’ strategies, schemes, and offers.

  • Customer satisfaction survey

    We help you understand how your customers feel about doing business with you. We use various methods of data collection, such as face-to-face interviews or online surveys, to ask your customers about their satisfaction with your products and services, and why they choose to do business with you. We then provide you with insights that can help you position your sales and service culture to match your customers’ expectations, which in turn will increase their loyalty to your company and products.

  • Digital comment card

    We provide you with a digital feedback collection system that is designed for customers to access through their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. The customers can give their feedback anytime and anywhere at their convenience. You can access the feedback report at any time through our real-time report dashboard.

We are the expert in mystery shopping in Cambodia, and we can help you achieve your business goals.

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MRTS Consulting Ltd is a Regular member of MSPA Asia Pacific. MSPA is dedicated to delivering high quality mystery shopping services throughout Asia Pacific.