In a recent study conducted by Walker, 550 CEO shared their opinion and said that customer experience is the most effective way to create a competitive advantage. For any customer service-oriented business Mystery Shopping is a highly effective primary research technique to closely study customer experience real-time.

We have over 10 years of experience at providing mystery shopping services to clients in Cambodia in different industries like Banks, Retail Outlets, Stores, Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts, Service Centers to name a few.

MRTS has well-defined processes and techniques to collect data by auditing every possible touch point. We use cutting edge technology to ensure accuracy and reliability of data collection, and our highly experienced and trained secret shoppers help find deep insights to help you improve your business.

We offer a variety of services and solutions to help you improve your business operations and profits:


A memorable customer experience is probably the only way to stay ahead of the competition. Mystery shopping is the technique to understand and find the gaps of the customers’ shopping journey. A customer’s experience depends on a variety of factors such as the ambience, quality of interaction with the staff, facilities and infrastructure, the billing process and many other aspects of customer service.

We hand-pick our mystery shoppers to match the profile of your target audience. They visit the site and experience each aspect. They are then interviewed and questioned about every objective and subjective key measure.


Your employees are your brand ambassadors and front liners are the ones who are responsible for creating a memorable experience for your customers. It becomes essential to evaluate the level of customer service provided by the employees and their selling abilities.

Our Employee Audit solution evaluates various aspects such as grooming and personal hygiene, communication and selling skills, product knowledge and demonstration skills as well as troubleshooting, negotiating and closing skills in order to identify training needs, evaluate training impact, or to assess if the right people are deployed.


A product is available to a customer through multiple channels and companies need to keep up a pricing and promotion discipline among all channels. To make sure this we carry out audit for our clients, where our mystery shoppers try to buy a product at best possible negotiated price. And in the case where the prices and promotions are very different from the product guidelines, the company can incentivize/disincentive the partner.

Price and promotion auditing also helps in measuring competitors’ strategies, schemes and offers.


Your business will not be existed if there is no customer base. With this in mind it is imperative to the growth and sustainability of your company through understanding how your customers feel about doing business with you.

Our customers satisfaction survey will help you understand how your customers feel about your products and services, and why they choose to do business with you, you can better position your sales and service culture to mirror your customers’ expectations which in turn will increase their loyalty to your company and products. Our data collection will be done through a variety of ways from face to face interviews to online surveys.


Thanks to the internet and technology because now it is much easier to collect honest feedback from customers.  Our digital Feedback Collection system is designed for customers to access through their Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop and Computer through Internet web-based. The customers can give their feedback anytime and anywhere at their convenience.

The feedback from customers through this system can be delivered directly to management team through email. In addition, management team can access to the feedback report at any time to our real-time report in the dashboard that will be provided.

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