Business Opportunities in Cambodia for 2022

The Royal Cambodian Government has lifted the travel restrictions from foreign investors. The investors can come to Cambodia without spending time in quarantine. The Government has always thought ahead about prevention procedures and tools against new variants so that the economic activities can move with their pace. Cambodia GDP is expected to be 4 percent […]

Cambodia has 21 official public holiday days in 2022

The Royal Government of Cambodia has announced a Sub-Decree on the Calendar of Holidays of Civil Servants, Employees and Workers in 2022 Details are as follows: January 1,Global Day,1 day off January 7, Victory Day over the genocidal regime, 1 day off March 8, International Women’s Day, 1 day off April 14-15-16, Khmer New Year,[…..]

[Free Report] Cambodian Consumer Eating Habits

Covid-19 has impacted the lifestyle of consumers significantly. Eating habits of consumers have changed, which has caused a change in the market of food and food ingredients in Cambodia. MRTS Consulting conducted a study to understand changing habits of consumers, particularly consumption of food in home vs out of home so as to help marketers[…..]

Is Online Research feasible in Cambodia?

If you had asked me this question 3 years ago, my answer would have been no and no. There were a few barriers including slow internet speeds (although not quite true), unfamiliarity among people with self-administered questionnaires (for online survey) or limited interaction (for qualitative research) because the respondents were conscious about responding when on[…..]

Personal Tech 2021 – Tech Ownership and Brand Aspirations in Cambodia

MRTS Consulting and market research consultant Phil Todd have designed a research survey to look at the personal technology brands currently owned by Cambodian consumers. The survey was implemented using MRTS Consulting’s proprietary online consumer panel. A total of 571 respondents completed the entire set of questions, allowing deeper analysis by demographics. The report examines[…..]

Safety Protocols for Face to Face interviewing in times of COVID-19

MRTS Consulting follows the recommendations from ESOMAR to practice in our research projects that are involved in face-to-face interviewing during COVID-19 outbreak in Cambodia. The practices are implementing in order to protect the research workforce and members of the public. However, this will vary depending on the nature of the project. Regular COVID-19 testing of[…..]

Free Report: TikTok Usage in Cambodia

MRTS Consulting conducted a study between February and March 2021 to looks at Usage, Satisfaction and Trends toward TikTok amongst Young Cambodian Consumers. The report of this study is answering the following key questions amongst the TikTok users: What do they use TikTok for? What kind of content do they watch on Tiktok? What content[…..]