Are You Collecting Reliable, Stable, Cost-Effective Tracking Primary Research Data?

Primary research is a method of collecting data directly from the source, rather than relying on data collected from previous research. Primary research can help you obtain accurate, relevant, and timely information that can address your specific research questions or objectives. However, conducting primary research can also be challenging, costly, and time-consuming, especially if you[…..]

How Mystery Shopping Can Help You Improve Your Customer Service Quality

Customer service is one of the most important factors that influence customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Customers expect to receive friendly, helpful, and professional service from the businesses they interact with, whether in person, over the phone, or online. However, how can businesses ensure that they are delivering consistent and high-quality customer service across all[…..]

Quality Control of Telephone Interviews at MRTS Consulting

Telephone interviews are a method of collecting data from respondents over the phone, using a structured or semi-structured questionnaire. They can be an efficient and effective way to reach a large and diverse sample of respondents, especially in areas where internet access or face-to-face contact is limited or difficult. However, telephone interviews also require a[…..]

How to Use Customer Feedback to Improve Your Business Strategy

Customer feedback is the information that you receive from your customers or potential customers about their experiences, opinions, and expectations regarding your products or services. Customer feedback can help you understand what your customers think, feel, and want from your business, and how you can meet or exceed their needs and wants. Customer feedback is[…..]

Why, When and How to Use Street Intercept to Collect Market Research Data

Market research is essential for developing and launching new products or services, as well as for improving existing ones. One of the methods that market researchers use to collect data is street intercept. A street intercept is a face-to-face interview with a randomly selected person who is approached on the street or in a public[…..]

The Latest Trends and Insights on the Cambodian Consumer Market

Cambodia is a fast-growing and dynamic market in Southeast Asia, with a population of about 16.5 million and a GDP of about $27.2 billion in 2020. The country has experienced rapid economic development and social transformation in the past decade, thanks to its political stability, open trade policy, foreign investment, and tourism. These factors have[…..]