Using market research to understand price

Pricing research is a huge topic in itself, with many different methodologies all of which have merit. One approach that MRTS uses involves using a quantitative approach to price research that looks at price elasticity. Pricing is a key component in your product strategy. Price says a lot, so its imperative to get it right. […]

Collecting the Correct Data for Your Business to the Next Level

Failing to conduct market research can have dire consequences on the future of your company. Most startups in general don’t have a marketing research budget since research can be time-consuming and cost a lot. But it’s an excellent idea to research your market whenever you’re entering a new market or launching a new product or[…..]

Online research might be difficult in Cambodia. Is it true?

First of all, happy new year 2023! I would like to open the new year with the very first article focusing on Online Research in Cambodia. I received this question from a potential client for our online panel asking whether online research was hard in Cambodia. It is the first time that that they approached[…..]

Cambodian government providing all necessary support of investments in Kingdom

“The Royal Government has been providing all necessary support to make investment in Cambodia easier, more favourable and successful,” said Lt Gen Hun Manet. While speaking at the inauguration of a new factory in Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone yesterday, Hun Manet confirmed that the government is supportive of attracting and making investments successful. The[…..]

Free Report – Cambodian millennial Media Habits 2022

MRTS Consulting completed a short research project in Q2 of 2022 to explore electronic and paper-based media usage amongst just over 1000 Cambodian millennials. Implemented via an online survey, the research examined usage patterns for 5 types of media: Based on over 1000 survey responses, our research found that news and current affairs are most[…..]

Which is your most favorite Social Media App for video content?

YouTube remains the leading social media app for video content followed closely by Facebook. Tiktok comes in the 3rd position. It will be interesting to see the movement of Tiktok in the next few years in Cambodia. Instagram has a very small share in the pie. The table below presents a detailed result: Answer Count[…..]