It is time to move to a new way for data collection in Cambodia to keep up with the world’s fastest digital and internet movement.

MRTS Consulting offers online panel in Cambodia for collecting responses from a variety of target consumer profiles Online from all over Cambodia. We are capable to provide national representative sample which is normally hard to reach and costly if conducted with Face to Face interviews.

Quality & Reliability: Our panel platform was developed with the Double Opt-In verification for enhanced reliability of email invitation delivery.

Panel Recruitment: We also use multiple sources in the recruitment process to ensure a good representation.

Panel Profiling: The panel members are deeply profiled by 10 broad categories covering:

  1. Demographics
  2. Household
  3. Health
  4. Automotive
  5. Education
  6. Work
  7. Electronics
  8. Media
  9. Interests
  10. Food

Quality Control: When it comes to quality, we make no compromise. Here’s how we do quality control:

  • Multiple channels for recruitment
  • Double Opt-In verification
  • IP Check/Verification
  • Full control on geo-location
  • High-quality panel maintenance
  • Multiple options in terms of rewards redemption methods
  • Dedicated staff for member care and validation

Internet usage is high in Cambodia since 2019 which brings opportunity for Online Surveys in Cambodia:

  • Total Population: 16.36 Million (Urbanization: 24%)
  • Mobile Subscriptions: 25.04 Million (vs. Population: 153%)
  • Internet Users: 12.50 Million (Penetration: 76%)
  • Active Social Media Users: 8.40 Million (Penetration: 51%)
  • Mobile Social Media Users: 8.10 Million (Penetration: 49%)

 * Source: Digital 2019 Cambodia (January 2019)

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