MRTS Consulting has unparalleled experience with online research projects in Cambodia.

We have our own proprietary online panel that allows us to collect responses from a variety of target consumer profiles across the country.

We can provide a nationally representative sample that is normally hard to reach and costly if conducted with face-to-face interviews in Cambodia.

Why choose our online panel?

  • Quality and reliability: Our panel platform uses a double opt-in verification process to ensure the reliability of email invitation delivery. We also monitor and validate the responses to ensure data quality.
  • Panel recruitment: We use multiple sources and methods to recruit our panel members, such as social media, referrals, events, and partnerships. We ensure that our panel is diverse and representative of the Cambodian population.
  • Panel profiling: Our panel members are deeply profiled by 10 broad categories, covering demographics, household, health, automotive, education, work, electronics, media, interests, and food. We can also customize the profiling according to your specific needs.
  • Quality control: We follow the highest standards of quality control for our online panel. Our quality control process includes:
    • Multiple channels for recruitment
    • Double opt-in verification
    • IP check and verification
    • Full control on geo-location
    • High-quality panel maintenance
    • Multiple options for rewards redemption
    • Dedicated staff for member care and validation

Is online survey feasible in Cambodia?

Based on the latest data from early 2024, here are the updated statistics for internet usage in Cambodia:

  • Internet Users: There were 9.66 million internet users in Cambodia at the start of 2024.
  • Internet Penetration: Internet penetration stood at 56.7% of the total population.
  • Social Media Users: There were 11.65 million social media users, which is 68.4% of the population.
  • Mobile Connections: Active cellular mobile connections amounted to 24.65 million, equating to 144.7% of the total population.

Given these statistics, online surveys are indeed feasible in Cambodia. The high number of internet and social media users, along with the extensive mobile connectivity, provides a robust platform for conducting online research and reaching a wide audience efficiently.

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