“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed” Dan Zarrella

MRTS Consulting has extensive experience in market research in Cambodia. Our founder is Mr. PhoungVuthy, who brings over 15 years of experience in market research and consulting in Cambodia to the company. He has very strong knowledge of local markets and can help our clients to design effective research that works with Cambodian consumers. Vuthy also founded Market Research Club and an ESOMAR member.

We have a team of Cambodians and expatriates with altogether more than 50 years’ experience in the planning and conduct of diverse market research projects. Their experience is with both local and multinational companies in Cambodia and other Asian and European countries including global market research companies such as Ipsos, Intage, Kantar, GfK, Kadence, Acorn, Brandscapes and Nielsen to name a few.

The market research report is carefully written with deep analysis of consumer mind-set and market trends.  Such an approach is normally very effective and useful for our clients.

We use cutting edge technology to ensure accuracy and reliability of data collection, and our highly experienced and trained team help find deep insights to help you improve your business.


We also understand research objectives differ from one project to another depending on the marketing considerations and type of decisions to be made. However, below are some of the research areas we have experience in:

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    • Market landscaping
    • Market demand identification
    • Consumer Usage & Attitude
    • Brand Image & Positioning
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    • Concept test
    • Product assessment
    • Advertising communications test
    • Packaging/design assessment
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    • Brand Health tracking
    • Advertising tracking
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    • Event/activity/promotion evaluation
    • Customer satisfaction survey
    • Service standard measurement


We have in-depth experience in both Quantitative and Qualitative research using both Online and Offline methodologies.

We are providing below services to our clients:

  • Customized Research Solutions
  • Data Collection (Online & Offline)
  • Sample Recruitment
  • Survey Programming
  • Data tabulation & Analysis
  • Charting & Reporting

Focus Group Discussion Facilities

1- Focus Group Discussion Room :

  • Accommodate 6 participants
  • Audio & Video recording
  • LCD Television
  • Whiteboard
  • High experienced moderators

2- Observation Room :

  • One-way mirrored room in Phnom Penh office
  • Allowing observers to watch and listen to the discussions
  • Accommodate up to 5 people
  • High experienced sim-translators

We also have extensive experience in managing Online IDIs & FGDs using Zoom. Client will be able to observe via Zoom with translation providing.

CAPI Data Collection & Quality Control

Managing the quality of the survey is always a challenge. Clients are invariably concerned about the quality of data. By using our CAPI software, a lot of issues can be addressed in a number of ways especially as described below:

1.GPS – the location of the interviews can be tracked. With the GPS, we are able to know where the interviews are conducted versus the resource plan and quota allocation.

2.Voice record – this is an important feature of the CAPI that can help us make sure the data is collected from actual interviews. Managers can conduct random checks of audio files to evaluate the quality of interviews, i.e. if the interview is conducted properly or not. This will help them understand whether or not additional training is needed, with which training topic, etc. At MRTS, we will have our QC team listen to all interviews and report back to management on the quality and areas for improvement.

3.Quota monitoring – At the end of each day of fieldwork, our data manager will access the dashboard and run all the required data to track the quota. This will help us to make a better plan for the next day including which quota and areas need to receive more attention.

4.Minimize errors

  • routing problems within the questionnaire are eliminated
  • interviewers cannot miss questions or ask the wrong questions
  • mathematical calculations can be carried out within the program
  • errors from separate data entry are eliminated.

5.Performance monitoring – With CAPI, we can closely monitor the actual performance of each interviewer versus the plan. This will help us to understand if the fieldwork is on the right track or not.

As an ESOMAR Member, our Managing Director Mr. Phoung Vuthy complies with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research and ESOMAR World Research Guidelines.

For more information about our market research solutions, please contact us now through vuthy@mrtsconsulting.com