Which is your most preferred way of being aware of a new product in the market?

Social media was rated by 61% of those participated in the poll this week as their most preferred source of being aware of a product in the Cambodia market. TV becomes the second place rated by 21% of the respondents only.

The other sources are at 4-5% of people rated for.

The table below presents a detailed result:

Answer Count %
Social Media Ad 259 61
TV Ad 90 21
Outdoor Ad 18 4
Activation/Roadshow 20 5
Influencers 15 4
Depends on type of the product 21 5
Total 423 100

Source: https://mrtssurvey.com/Poll/PollResult?id=32

Poll conducted in August 2022 by MRTS SURVEY

Sample Size: n=423

Market: Cambodia

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