What do young consumers in Cambodia market spend their money on in 2020?

MRTS Consulting and market research consultant Phil Todd have designed a research survey to find out using data from a brand new online survey that utilises the latest MRTS online consumer panel!

2020 is a year of huge retail disruption. Not just changes to overall consumer spending but sales channel as well, as COVID-19 continues to drive a huge spike in online spending at the expense of in-store.

Our survey will look at what consumer product categories are driving current spending, as well as a look at how those individual categories have fared over the last 6 months. We also look into the future and see what product categories are going to lead any retail recovery.

We will be looking at what high street stores can do to recover their share of consumer spending, and whether online will in fact retain some its gains.

As we slowly move into the ‘new normal’ of consumer shopping, young consumers may want to buy themselves something special. What will those special products be, and will that be enough to help drive any retail recovery?

We also dig how young consumers in Cambodia discover new products that they really want to try, and maybe buy. What will actually trigger a purchase?

Through all these topics, there is a ‘thread’ of social interaction – shopping as an experience. This is what makes consumer shopping a highly social activity rather than just a series of transactions, and it is what ultimately differentiates in-store in-person shopping from online shopping. And while live streaming demonstrations are a clever new trend that technology allows, it’s hard to replicate the whole experience of going shopping with friends, talking to shop staff, and maybe going to a café on the way home!

The full report will be available by mid of September of 2020 comprising written report supported by data charts and analysis.

Contact us now to purchase the report through vuthy@mrtsconsulting.com

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