Top reasons to invest in Cambodia in 2023

Cambodia can be a great opportunity for investors. One particular investment that is most invested by locals and foreigners is in the real estate sector. The act of investing in real estate refers to any purchases, whether full payment or installment, management, rental, or sales of real estate properties for profit in return.

There are also other opportunities to invest in Cambodia such as agriculture, tourism, and more.

There are many reasons to invest in Cambodia. Some of the top reasons include a business-friendly government, non-discrimination of foreign-owned companies, strategic geographical location, special economic zones, investment incentives schemes and low taxes, easy to repatriate profits, strong recent reform record, preferential market access and more.

According to KPMG Cambodia, the government has introduced a number of measures to reduce production and supply costs and encourage further foreign investment.

The economy of Cambodia has been growing at a steady pace in recent years thanks to the government’s efforts to promote economic development and foreign investment. The country’s GDP has been growing at an average rate of around 7% per year over the past two decades making it one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Cambodia’s welcoming attitude towards foreigners is another selling point. This is the reason why foreigners from many countries choose to invest in Cambodia. The expat population is now approximately 150,000 and it will continually grow in the next few years. Housing properties are cheap and the cost of living is low.

Why market research is important for Investors?

Market research helps investors make informed decisions about their investments.

Market research may help investors discover new markets that are under-serviced or in demand. For example, they can identify changing market trends due to new housing construction, increased levels of education, or other changes that will bring new opportunities for their business.

Market research also helps investors gain a competitive advantage by providing them with data-driven advice. It serves a critical function for achieving growth and reducing business risk.

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