Three Skills for a Market Research Analyst

This post was inspired by a quick browse of the Market Research Quora topic: what are the three most important skills for a market research analyst? We asked our Research team (analyst Andrea and manager Heather) what they thought. Here were their top three skills of a successful market research analyst:

Attention to detail

This is probably the most important trait in a research analyst. Research analysts need to be conscious of tiny details that may impact the quality of response, like the difference between asking “Name your favorite brands of cars” vs. “List your three favorite car brands”. They also need to be aware of which kinds of questions are most appropriate for the responses looking for.

Willingness to talk to various people for one project

Research analysts talk to anyone and everyone involved in a project– internal and external. Internally, they may need to speak with a programmer about supporting systems, or survey programming. They may need to speak with a member of the sales team to clarify client expectations. Externally, they may need to speak directly with clients to double-check quotas, survey logic, revisions or infographic design (although that’s a whole other ball game).

Curiosity for people and what motivates their behavior

At its heart, market research is figuring out why people do what they do, in order to impact business decisions. The insights we’re gathering are genuinely interesting– just look at our infographics!– but as with any job, you need to love what you’re doing to succeed at it.

Overall, research managers and analysts are at the heart of any market research company, especially on a small team like ours, and selecting good people with these traits is key to being successful.

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