The Importance of Knowing Your Brand’s Attributes

Knowing which keywords and phrases people use when searching online to visit your website is essential.

Having this understanding saves you time and money by helping you optimise your website content to get the results you desire.

And it makes this part of marketing simpler.

The same goes for understanding the key attributes that are associated closely with your brand.

These words and phrases helps you work out your key point of difference and your brand positioning.

And as I and many others have written the more you know how your customers think, feel and behave the easier it is to have a successful brand.

As well it takes out the guesswork which can remove unnecessary stress when marketing your brand.


When you develop your positioning one area that can give you real insights into how customers think and feel about your brand is key attributes.

Attributes can be words or phrases and every brand has attributes associated with it. Just like people some are positive and some may be negative, after all no brand or person is perfect.

The key is to understand the ones that are associated with your brand that mean the most to current and potential customers and differentiates your brand from competitors.


– Helps refine your brand’s positioning so all communication is single minded.

– Assists in how you use and implement marketing activities and tools so that they reinforce the attributes consistently.

– Helps when you brief a designer or copywriter etc.

– Can open up new product or service development opportunities.

– Helps with the pricing of your products or services.

– Stops you being a me too brand in your market.

– Shows you where you need to make adjustments to strengthen customer relationships.

– Helps you improve your communication online and offline.

Finding out about your key attributes can be done by surveying your customers and gaining feedback.

You can also gain information by listening and observing what your customers say. Gathering this information is part of what you need when creating a customer profile which is part of the market segmentation program.

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