Personal Tech 2021 – Tech Ownership and Brand Aspirations in Cambodia

MRTS Consulting and market research consultant Phil Todd have designed a research survey to look at the personal technology brands currently owned by Cambodian consumers.

The survey was implemented using MRTS Consulting’s proprietary online consumer panel. A total of 571 respondents completed the entire set of questions, allowing deeper analysis by demographics.

The report examines four key questions:

  • What personal tech devices do young Cambodians own today?
  • What brands of smartphone, tablet and smart watch do young Cambodians have today, and what brands to they aspire to own tomorrow?
  • What will influence their next choice of tech brand?
  • And what personal tech is on young Cambodians’ wish list?

Below are some of the key findings from the study:

Current tech ownership

Technology ownership varies significantly by type of device, but also by other criteria such as urban / provincial location, and age group.

Urban and provincial tech ownership

At a top level, our survey asked about 5 types of personal tech : mobile, tablet compute, laptop, smart watch, and fitness tracker before looking at phones, tablets and smart watches in more detail.

Mobile ownership is, as expected, ubiquitous – everyone owns a mobile phone. However for the other types of device we can see differences in ownership highlighting that tech ownership is very much an urban phenomenon.

Fig. 1  Urban Tech Ownership

Ownership of all other types of device is much greater in Phnom Penh than in the provinces

  • Tablets are extremely common in Phnom Penh, with ownership at around 80% compared to just 45% in the provinces.
  • Smart Watch ownership is close to tablet computers, with ownership in Phnom Penh at 71%.
  • Laptop ownership while at just 37% in Phnom Penh, is a notably urban item as just 9% of respondents in the provinces own a laptop.
  • Fitness trackers show extremely low penetration, with just 3% of respondents in Phnom Penh having one.

Tech ownership by age

If we look at how tech ownership varies by age group we can see immediately that there is a strong underlying trend for ownership to rise with age.

Fig. 2  Tech Ownership  – by  Age group

Leaving aside mobile phones which are owned by everyone,

  • We can see that just less than half the under 25 year age group own a tablet computer and smart watch. Only 15% of this age group own a laptop computer.
  • In the 25 – 29 year age group ownership of laptops, tablets and smart watches rise dramatically. Tablet ownership almost doubles to 85% and smart watch ownership rises from 44% to 72%. Laptop ownership more than doubles to 35%.
  • The 30+ year age group shows the highest device penetration. Tablet ownership remains the same as the 25 – 29 year age group at 85% but smart watch ownership rises to 80%. Even laptop ownership rises, reaching 41%.

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