Mystery Shopping for Service Quality Improvements

Quality of human interaction and services has the greatest impact on the customers’ perception and loyalty toward a brand or product. Mystery shopping gives your business the advantage of discreet and professional self-evaluation for all your customer services and products, all in real life situations. It helps the management and the staff evaluate the performance level and learn from the collected insights, improving the overall business results.

Mystery shopping is different from customer satisfaction surveys in that it explores the actual customer experience at a snapshot in time (rather asking customers for their views retrospectively) and records specific details of that particular experience. As such, it can be a very powerful tool for you to highlight clear action points for improving service delivery for customers to increase loyalty.

There are a range of objectives that Mystery Shopping program can answer including:

  1. Compliance – are your staff complying with the customer service standards?
  2. Incentives – can help you identify staff or branches which deserve a reward for providing better services.
  3. Competitor Monitor – can benchmark you against competitors – by service, by price, and by attitude of staffs who are delivering services.
  4. Training Needs Analysis – identifying weaknesses in the service which indicate a training need, and confirm afterwards how effective the training has been.
  5. Continuous Improvement – providing you with an ideal basis for helping every branch or every staff member to strive towards excellence.

Below list contains the general process of our Mystery Shopping program for clients in Cambodia:

Stage 1 – Project Design
We begin the project with the preparation stage, which consists of agreeing the questionnaire and the visit scenarios together with the client, selecting and training the Mystery Shoppers and testing of the scenarios before conducting the actual visiting.

Stage 2 – Implementation & Live Feedback
After the test visits, we launch the project, the actual visiting program. Our highly-trained mystery shoppers visit each branch selected by the client by using a scenario to assess key areas that will help improve customer experience. Each Mystery shopper will be required to complete a report including both quantitative and qualitative feedback immediately after a visit. So, we provide real time feedback to the client every time exceptional situations occur.

Stage 3 – Data Processing & Analysis
The final stage of our research projects consists of data processing, reporting, analyzing, qualitative comments and recommendations. Upon request we can also define the action plan for performance improvement and offer assistance and tools for implementation.

Industries which grow through mystery shopping:

• Retail
• Finance & Banking
• Telecommunications
• Insurance
• Healthcare
• Automotive
• Real Estate
• Entertainment

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