Latest Covid-19 Update for Cambodia!

Welcome to the new month and we are now in the 4th Quarter of the year 2020!

This year has been a tough year for everybody but it can also be a great time to stop and think about opportunities to bring new ideas into the business. In October we can now see that market demand is picking up for all industries in Cambodia since businesses including schools are opening in a new normal way.  This is good news for Cambodia.

Cambodia has been doing a great job in managing Covid-19. By 5th of October 2020, we have only 5 infected people remained in the hospital. We have a total of 278 cases and no deaths. All cases found were imported cases with tourists and travelers from other countries.

The other good news is that we can now conduct market research with all methodologies from traditional face to face interview to online. Although for face to face interviews, we are encouraging our field team to stay safe by wearing mask, keep social distancing and use hand sanitizer as much as they can.

We launched our own Online Panel in Cambodia back June this year which is the first and only Panel for market research in Cambodia. We already have more than 5000 of panel members actively in the platform. The Panel is growing every day and we are already receiving RFQs from our clients around the world that need their online surveys completed from Cambodia.

See below the latest trend and data for Covid-19 situation in Cambodia based on (5th October 2020)

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