Free Report – Cambodian millennial Media Habits 2022

MRTS Consulting completed a short research project in Q2 of 2022 to explore electronic and paper-based media usage amongst just over 1000 Cambodian millennials.

Implemented via an online survey, the research examined usage patterns for 5 types of media:

Based on over 1000 survey responses, our research found that news and current affairs are most watched / listed to media type with 75% of our sample having consumed news and current affairs programs on the last month. This even exceeded entertainment programs at 68%.

While there are of course differences by gender, the research has also shown that respondents often dip into every type of media more than once every day – consumption is frequent, and tends to cluster around morning and evening.

We also looked into the type of device used to watch each media type, and we found that even for sports (which might benefit most from a large screen) mobile phones were the most popular device.

Interestingly, we also noted how the youngest age group (under 18 yrs old) seem to use a traditional TV far more than any other age group.

Our research also examined printed media including printed newspapers, and here we can see that despite the ubiquitous availability of digital media there remain strong readership of printed media.

In summary, our key take-aways demonstrate the healthy state of media consumption in Cambodia:

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