Facebook generation, what it means to business?

Facebook-generationMore and more people join Facebook everyday in Cambodia, especially amongst the younger group demographic. Prime Minister Hun Sen announced during the first meeting in his fifth time in the position, that the government has no intention to close down Facebook in Cambodia. The Prime Minister also encourages users to use Facebook even more, but all the posts must be responsible and ethical.

While some Facebook users like to post their pictures and activities, there are some people who like to post, share and read any posts related to social and political issues. Facebook is also now being used by businesses as a tool to promote and sell products as well as to engage with existing and potential customers.

There is a lot of information posted on Facebook every minute. People talk and share what they think are relevant to them and their friends. Compared to the past, it is noted that people are more informed because they have more access to information and of different types of issues that exist through Facebook. Word of mouth can be generated very quickly through this mean.12510384_1099106523433038_8692895788289475107_n

Facebook would also possibly become a place for comments for customers feedback. Thus, each business needs to work harder to ensure that its services and products provided are at least at a satisfactory level compared to other competitors in the market. Likely, people will share their experiences they ever have had in the past with the same type of business, i.e. their best experience or worse experience. If the business gives them the best experience, then they can share and promote that business for free on Facebook. This is noted as an effective tool to drive traffic into business, but if the experience is bad, it leads to an uncontrollable bad reputation.

In order to avoid any generating a bad reputation on Facebook, business should regularly monitor the quality of its services and products to make sure it meets the customers’ expectations. This would also include the promises made in any advertisements by the business, which means do not over-promise something to customers. A customer satisfaction survey amongst customers to compare the results from the survey with competitors, would be another thing to focus on. Last but not least, businesses should think about CSR in addition to making profit alone. People will appreciate this and want to spend money with you and talk about you positively on Facebook.

By Mr. Phoung Vuthy, Managing Director & Trainer of MRTS Consulting Ltd

For more information, please contact: vuthy@mrtsconsulting.com or call 012 610 677

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