Free Report – Cambodian millennial Media Habits 2022

MRTS Consulting completed a short research project in Q2 of 2022 to explore electronic and paper-based media usage amongst just over 1000 Cambodian millennials. Implemented via an online survey, the research examined usage patterns for 5 types of media: Based on over 1000 survey responses, our research found that news and current affairs are most […]

Which is your most favorite Social Media App for video content?

YouTube remains the leading social media app for video content followed closely by Facebook. Tiktok comes in the 3rd position. It will be interesting to see the movement of Tiktok in the next few years in Cambodia. Instagram has a very small share in the pie. The table below presents a detailed result: Answer Count[…..]

How often do you eat out with your family?

About 34% of people in MRTS SURVEY online panel reported that they eat out with their family almost everyday. This indicates that the lifestyle of some people are back to the normal where they don’t have much fear of eating out although they know that there are new cases of infected people found every day[…..]

How often do you order food from food delivery service app?

According to our latest poll conducted in Jul 2022, we saw over 80% of people ever order their food via food delivery service apps. About 53% of those people are ordering at least 4 times a week via this platform. There are only 17% reported that they never order or rarely use the food delivery[…..]

Most popular social media app among young users in Cambodia

Facebook remains the most popular social media app in Cambodia for many years now amongst all classes of people. TikTok is gaining its popularity very quickly and now has become the number 2. Instagram is in 3rd position but has a far lower percentage of users if compared to Facebook and IG. The other apps have[…..]