Why, When and How to Use Street Intercept to Collect Market Research Data

Market research is essential for developing and launching new products or services, as well as for improving existing ones. One of the methods that market researchers use to collect data is street intercept. A street intercept is a face-to-face interview with a randomly selected person who is approached on the street or in a public […]

The Latest Trends and Insights on the Cambodian Consumer Market

Cambodia is a fast-growing and dynamic market in Southeast Asia, with a population of about 16.5 million and a GDP of about $27.2 billion in 2020. The country has experienced rapid economic development and social transformation in the past decade, thanks to its political stability, open trade policy, foreign investment, and tourism. These factors have[…..]

Anything is Possible with a Great Market Research Team

In today’s competitive business world, it is more important than ever to have a deep understanding of your customers and your market. Market research can help you gain this understanding, but it is only as good as the team that conducts it. A great market research team is made up of individuals with a variety[…..]

How to Use Phone Interviews for Market Research in Cambodia

Phone interviews are a method of data collection that involves conducting surveys or interviews over the phone. Phone interviews can be useful for market research, as they can help you gather information from a large and diverse sample of respondents in a short time and at a low cost. Phone interviews can also provide more[…..]

How MRTS Consulting Collects Primary Research Data

Primary research data is data that is collected first hand by the researcher for the specific purpose of the study. MRTS Consulting uses various methods of data collection for primary research, such as: Online panel: MRTS Consulting has developed the first and only online panel in Cambodia that consists of over 30,000 Cambodian respondents who[…..]

How to Use Market Research to Segment Your Market

What is Market Segmentation? Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market into smaller groups of consumers with similar needs, wants, and behaviors. This allows businesses to target their marketing efforts more effectively and efficiently. There are many different ways to segment a market. Some common bases for segmentation include: Demographic segmentation:┬áThis divides the[…..]