Free Report: Young Cambodian Consumer Trends 2021

MRTS Consulting completed a short research project early in 2021 to explore shopping preferences among Cambodian millennials. Implemented via an online survey, the research examined 5 dimension of consumer influence to find the consumer ‘sweet spot’: Is price or brand more important? How important is the link to Cambodian culture? Which are more attractive: Cambodian […]

Research framework to find a gap in the market

2021 is time to grow. You know your markets and your business better than anyone. Is 2021 the year to do something original? Look over the horizon to find market gaps. Look even further to find opportunities for innovation. 5-stage research plan to find the unfindable in 2021             1.     […..]

Customer Research: Using market research to win with customers

Research needs – what can customers tell you? Your customer base is an invaluable source of insight. Use it wisely! Decide what and why. What do you need insight and feedback on. Brand? Product feedback? New initiatives? Market needs? Pricing? Why are customers the best source in these specific instances. Would a general market survey[…..]

Market research checklist! How to research product pricing

Pricing is a key component in your product strategy. It is just one component of a product or business plan. Price says a lot, so its imperative to get it right. Here’s a simple 7 point process to get actionable and insightful pricing research. Price positioning – what are your objectives? Pricing is a key[…..]

COVID-19: Your Segmentation and Modelling Is Now Out of Date

COVID-19 has been the single biggest accelerator of change in consumer behaviour seen in decades. Daily life for many people has changed in ways that were unthinkable at the beginning of the year. New circumstances and sentiment are driving temporary and fundamental behavioural shifts at speeds faster than any of us could imagine, and new[…..]

Secondary data sources available in Cambodia

“It’s not easy (or maybe not POSSIBLE) to get secondary data to use in market research projects.” This is one of the key challenges for researchers when conducting research in Cambodia. Compared to other developed countries, there are just not many sources of secondary data available that can be accessed or that appropriate for a[…..]