Secondary data sources available in Cambodia

“It’s not easy (or maybe not POSSIBLE) to get secondary data to use in market research projects.” This is one of the key challenges for researchers when conducting research in Cambodia. Compared to other developed countries, there are just not many sources of secondary data available that can be accessed or that appropriate for a […]

Why Market Research is an Investment?

In my research business from 2005 in Cambodia, I met a lot of local business owners and marketing managers to talk about their research needs. On a lot of times, I heard them say they don’t have a lot of budget, or even do not have any budget at all. Sometimes, I was asked to[…..]

Facebook generation, what it means to business?

More and more people join Facebook everyday in Cambodia, especially amongst the younger group demographic. Prime Minister Hun Sen announced during the first meeting in his fifth time in the position, that the government has no intention to close down Facebook in Cambodia. The Prime Minister also encourages users to use Facebook even more, but[…..]

Q&A about Market Research with Mr. Phoung Vuthy

1, Could you please give me an overview of market research industry in Cambodia recently? How did they do market research before establishing businesses? The concept of marketing research is still fairly new to the Cambodia market, and I think there are not many professional market research companies in Cambodia as well so far. However,[…..]

Market Research for Small Business

By Mr. Phoung Vuthy, Managing Director & Trainer of MRTS Consulting Ltd Small business is the heart for any developing country. It is easy to start but it is hard to keep business healthy and stay long in the market if it is not started properly with a clear marketing and financial strategy. As our experiences[…..]

Data collection method in research

The  best  way  to  collect  information  is  simply  to  ask questions. However, there  are  a number  of  ways  this can  be done to collect the information and this would depend on the objectives, timeline and budget of the project as well. For  an  interviewer  (the person who asks the questions) you will be involved in[…..]