Market Research Club (MRC) was founded by Mr. Phoung Vuthy and launched the first event in February 2018. He believes that there is a need for a community for the researchers and marketers to get together so that they can connect, share and help each other grow faster both in career and business than if they are on their own. Mr.Vuthy wanted to do this because he is also the one who like learning and sharing the experiences to those who need.

MRC currently becomes an active community in Cambodia. It also takes a valuable part in developing young researchers and human resource in Cambodia in the areas of marketing, research and sales skills.

MRC has its monthly programs including Monthly Meetup and CoffeeChat. These two are designed to connect and give sharing sessions to participants on various topics related to business, marketing, research and sales. MRC also has other events such as networking event and business overseas trip to help its members grow their reach.

MRC helps its members in the community to become a person that standout from the crowd, more confident, higher productivity and more success through the following benefits that the club provides:

  • Become a professional by being in a Community of professionals – once become a member, they are no longer alone because they are joining a group with other professionals who are also working in marketing and research career. Members will get benefits from networking, sharing and learning from each other. This makes members stand out from the crowd.
  • Ongoing Mentoring – members will be mentored on the marketing and research skills as required through phone call, chat and face to face. This mentoring will help our members achieve high productivity in their job. Key areas that our team can support our members include, but not limited to: market research design, questionnaire design, data analysis, reporting, strategies, marketing plan, branding, digital marketing and customer services etc.
  • On going capacity building – MRC arranges regular monthly meetup session with members. In the each meet up, there is a keynote speaker on specific topic related to marketing and research. In addition, members also get up to 30% discount on all training courses provided by MRTS.
  • Job Opportunities – MRC is a hub of full of talented and professional as members which can be a very good source for the employers to recruit from. MRC connects our members to the employers to help them advance their career.
  • Business Opportunities – People buy from people they know. Members of MRC come from different business and industry that means they can exchange business or at least a source of referral amongst members. MRC connects sellers to buyers.
  • Industry and trend update – Members will get updates on the latest trend on the industry as soon as they are available, on market situation, new market entry, consumer and markets trends, new technology and applications.

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