Course #1: Market Segmentation: Divide & Conquer

Learn the basics of planning a market research project, whether you plan to do it in-house or hire a market research firm. – Introduction to market segmentation – Common segmentation approaches – Sample models – Common risks & how to avoid them – B2B and consumer market considerations – Includes model samples and interactive exercises […]

Course #2: Questionnaire Design

This is an introduction to questionnaire design, and covers: – Setting objectives – Sample planning – Length & logic considerations – Question types & scale selection – Includes sample templates and interactive exercises Contact us now for more details and buy this course at: Mobile 1: +855 23 6768 909 Mobile 2: +855 10 650[…..]

Course #3: Market Research Basics

This 8-hour class is presented in two sessions, includes interactive exercises, and covers the following:   – Introducing market research – Common market research goals – Quantitative research: Methods, project scopes – Qualitative research: Methods, project scopes – Market research risks & how to mitigate them – Planning considerations – Includes interactive exercises and checklists[…..]

Course #4: Product Concept Testing: In-depth Introduction

Learn the basics of testing new product concepts. Perfect for anyone needing to test or optimize new product ideas. – Defining project scope – Choosing between different methodological options – How to mitigate common challenges – Deliver the final results successfully – Includes project planning templates Contact us now for more details and buy this[…..]

Course #5: Improving Customer Satisfaction: Monitoring Methods that Deliver Insights

Are you planning your organization’s first customer satisfaction research? With this self-paced class, you will be prepared to start planning your project, either in-house or through an agency. Topics include goal options, monitoring strategies, and common challenges. Per student fee includes 53 minutes of narrated, interactive content, and replay access for 60 days. Ideal for[…..]