What is Marketing communications?

In the traditional manner, the communication between two humans involves a simple process which is as follows. Sender —> Encoding —> Message —> Decoding —> Receiver Like the above human model, Marketing communications too involves a communication message being sent from the Sender (which can be a company, product or a brand) to a receiver […]

How To Create A Successful Branding Strategy

June 25, 2012 By Tanya Smith The right business branding strategies could spell real success for your business. What convinces people to invest in you or your products or services is how well they know, like, and trust you —  branding positions you for this. What is a Branding Strategy? Now hear me on this,[…..]

Chasing Your Active Consumers: Catch Them on the Run

Grab Their Attention as They Pursue Their Passion — When They’re Ready to Listen If you have a product aimed at active consumers, the best way to capture their attention is to speak to them when they are out and pursuing their passion. The positive associations between their hobby and your brand will start immediately.[…..]

Tips for taking your marketing message further

For businesses and non-profits, the marketing goal is the same: finding a way to get the word out and create brand recognition. In today’s world, where consumers are subjected to an almost constant barrage of ads in a wide variety of media, it can be hard for a single organization to stand out. Having a[…..]

Basic Methods to Get Information and Feedback from Customers

Far too often, we think we know what our customers think and want because — well, we just know, that’s all. Wrong! Businesses can’t be successful if they don’t continue to meet the needs of their customers. Period. There should be few activities as important as finding out what your customers want for products and[…..]

4 Keys to Customer Service Excellence

Assess—and act on—your strategic intent for optimum results. Customer service is emerging as a critical differentiator for businesses. McKinsey suggests that the ability to have more effective customer interactions is hard to replicate and can produce lasting competitive advantage. Another study conducted by Forrester Research confirms the correlation between customer service and loyalty across 12[…..]

Market Segmentation

Segmentation is one of the methods of marketing management, namely the market analysis. The aim is to identify the structure of the market to which the organization wants to place its product or service. The market is divided according to a certain point of view into homogenous groups of customers, which are characterized by their[…..]