Course Objectives: At the end of the course, you will be able:

  1. To be familiar with concepts and methods of data manipulation;
  2. To carry out data analysis; and
  3. To interpret and present the findings of the analysis.


Day 1:

Data Entry & Manipulation

Understanding on the development of market research tools (questionnaire) MRTS
Understanding on question types, variables, and pre-codes MRTS
Brief understanding of data analysis software MRTS
Design the form from questionnaires, and data entry MRTS
Concepts and guidelines on data cleaning and preparation MRTS
Tools used in data cleaning and preparation (compute variables, count values, recode, visual binning, rank cases, aggregate and merge files) MRTS
Day 2:

Data Analysis & Interpretation

Central tendency (mean, median, mode) MRTS
Data dispersion MRTS
Pre-coded variables with only one choice response MRTS
Pre-coded variables with multiple choice responses MRTS
Scale variables (interval or ratio) MRTS
Cross tabulation MRTS
T-Test (one sample & pair-sample) MRTS
ANOVA (one way & multi-way) MRTS
Linear Correlation MRTS
Simple and Multiple Regression MRTS
Chi-Square test MRTS
Report format & interpretation MRTS

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