This market research report looks at the current spending patterns and aspirations of young consumers in Cambodia during August and September of 2020. It is based on a collaborative market research project completed by MRTS Consulting in Cambodia and Stereoscope Ltd in the UK.

The project involved an online survey of over 100 consumers in Cambodia (in Phnom Penh and the regions) to examine four core question areas:

  • How has consumer spending in Cambodia changed over the last 6 months, in terms of products bought and absolute spending.
  • How has consumer spending by online and in-store channels changed?
  • Has COVID directly changed how consumers behave?
  • What would drive a revival in consumer spending?

The results of the analysis are contained in a 25pp report with data charts and summary conclusions.

Price: US$ 750


  • One PDF report in electronic format.
  • Supporting data tables in MS Excel.
  • Supporting graphs in MS Excel.

Delivery Time

The report is available immediately after placing the order.

Terms of Payment

The settlement of half of the fee is payable upon ordering the report and the balance upon receipt.


  • Introduction
  • Methodology note
  • Consumers and COVID in Cambodia
  • Consumer spending
  • Confidence in spending
  • Spending on consumer goods: the last 6 months
  • Spending on consumer goods: the next 6 months
  • Spending outlook and ‘early recovery’ categories
  • How much do consumers actually spend
  • Favourite products
  • Purchase channels
  • In store vs online
  • Drivers of in-store shopping
  • Drivers of online shopping
  • Impact of COVID on shopping behaviour
  • Promoting extra consumer spend
  • How to encourage more consumer spending
  • Products and treats that will drive spending
  • What will trigger the next purchase?
  • Conclusions

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