This market research report looks at the personal technology brands currently owned by Cambodian consumers.

The report examines four key questions:

  • What personal tech devices do young Cambodians own today?
  • What brands of smartphone, tablet and smart watch do young Cambodians have today, and what brands to they aspire to own tomorrow?
  • What will influence their next choice of tech brand?
  • And what personal tech is on young Cambodians’ wish list?

Based on 570 survey responses, brand popularity varies between users in Phnom Penh and the provinces.  Samsung as a brand for personal tech dominates the older consumers but the Huawei brand is really liked across the board.

And we can see that the choice of tech brand is driven by a combination of brand loyalty and the desire for the latest technology.

Read the full report for full analysis with 26 data charts.

Price: US$ 350


  • One PDF report in electronic format.
  • Supporting data tables in MS Excel.
  • Supporting graphs in MS Excel.

 Delivery Time

The report is available immediately after placing the order.

Terms of Payment

The settlement of half of the fee is payable upon ordering the report and the balance upon receipt.


  • Introduction
    • Tech aspirations for 2021
    • Methodology note
  • Current tech ownership
    • Urban and provincial tech ownership
    • Tech ownership by age
  • Mobile phone – ownership and brand aspirations
    • Urban and provincial phone ownership
    • Mobile ownership by age
    • Mobile phone brand aspirations
    • Mobile phone purchase drivers
  • Tablet ownership and brand aspirations
    • Urban and provincial tablet ownership
    • Tablet ownership by age
    • Tablet brand aspirations
    • Tablet purchase drivers
  • Smart Watch ownership and brand aspirations
    • Urban and provincial smart watch ownership
    • Smart watch ownership by age
    • Smart watch brand aspirations
    • Smart watch purchase drivers
  • The Tech Wishlist
  • Annex 1: Research sample
  • Annex 2: MRTS and Stereoscope
  • MRTS Consulting
  • Stereoscope Ltd

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