This market research report looks at the current housing situation of Cambodian consumers in Phnom Penh aged mostly 18 – 39, and their aspirations to move to a place of their own.

The report examines four key questions:

  • What is the current housing situation of young Cambodians?
  • What budgets to young Cambodians have for housing?
  • What ‘dream house’ do they aspire to live in?
  • And what facilities will their ‘dream house’ have?

Based on 350 survey responses, over 40% of respondents are actively considering moving to their own property in the next 12 months! Property owners and developers can reach this market through online and TV advertising, but social media conversations are a huge influence as well.

Read the full report for full analysis with 20 data charts.

Price: US$ 750


  • One PDF report in electronic format.
  • Supporting data tables in MS Excel.
  • Supporting graphs in MS Excel.

Delivery Time

The report is available immediately after placing the order.

Terms of Payment

The settlement of half of the fee is payable upon ordering the report and the balance upon receipt.


I. Introduction

    1. A year unlike others
    2. Methodology note
    3. Housing types in Phnom Penh

II. Current Housing

    1. Current Housing Situation
    2. Current housing payments

III. Housing aspirations of Young Cambodians

    1. Planning to move
    2. Motivations for moving
    3. Ideal city locations
    4. Types of dream property
    5. How to reach potential movers

IV. Budgets and Finance

    1. Housing costs and budget
    2. Financing
    3. Impact of COVID on housing plans

V. The Dream Home

Annex 1: Research sample

Annex 2: MRTS and Stereoscope

    1. MRTS Consulting
    2. Stereoscope Ltd 28

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