We have our highly experienced trainers to provide training and coaching in class or in person on site to you or your team. Our training courses can be useful for new employees and career development for existing staff.19225760_682164531989238_2277496529123820008_n

Training and development is an investment in your staff to make them more productive in their roles.

Our on-site training is customized to your needs. We consider subject area, time requirements and budget in our proposal to you. Further discussion will be needed for this.

The following custom corporate training/courses are provided:

  • customer service training
  • leadership training courses
  • sales and marketing training
  • business administration courses
  • business analyst courses
  • business development courses
  • business management courses
  • internet/digital marketing courses
  • marketing research courses

For more information about Customized Training Solutions:

Email: vuthy@mrtsconsulting.com

Phone: 012 610 677