MRTS offers Confidential Executive Coaching services that are customized to best fit the needs of each participant.

Coaching is an individual process of effective practice in leadership which produces a personal and professional transformation in leaders, and it has repercussions on their performance within their companies. It is an apprenticeship oriented to specific results which are measurable in time.

Our team of coaches has extensive experience working with all management levels in marketing and research. This allows us to offer a variety of coaching programs according to your needs.

The Executive Coaching Process consists of three stages:

  • Diagnostic: The first part of our intervention allows us to determine what the client needs, the level of complexity the desired change entails and which levers and indicators we must use; with this information we can design an optimal roadmap for the desired change and an adjusted implementation plan.
  • Map of Change: As a result of the diagnostic, the organisation, and the people involved in the process together develop a specific plan of action which will specify: the definition of the objectives; the areas for improvement and the levers on which to act in order to generate the defined change.
  • Implantation: Once the Map of Change has been defined, we accompany key leaders until it is fully implemented.

The benefits of the Coaching process are:

  • To develop leadership and abilities.
  • To increase attention and concentration.
  • To face up to changes of professional as well as a personal nature.
  • To ensure success after a promotion or newly acquired responsibilities.
  • To reduce levels of stress.
  • To learn to delegate, to manage risks with increased efficiency.
  • To foster self-esteem, assurance, and self-confidence.
  • To attain more efficient time management and increased productivity.