We also acknowledge the importance of English in today’s globalized economy. That is why we are also committed to providing quality Business English to Cambodians.

The academic manager has an extensive experience in teaching.

Our English courses are listed below:

  • Developing English Communication Skills for Customer Relations
  • How To Write Business Contracts in English
  • English for Front Desk Officers: The Proper Way to Entertain Customers
  • The Key To Persuasive Presentations
  • The Key To Effective Negotiations for Modern Executives
  • The Key To Making E-mails Work For You
  • The Key To Writing Business Documents With Influence and Impact
  • The Key To Writing Remarkable Reports
  • Communicating in English for Frontline Service Staff
  • Cultural Awareness and Socializing with Foreigners
  • Communicating in English Through The Phone
  • English Pronunciation Skills May
  • Writing Replies to Complaints and Enquiries
  • Effective Minute Writing
  • Grammar for Business Writing
  • Writing Clear and Accurate E-mails and Memo

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